Poludnitsa – the appearance

Russians, Poles and Lusatians, imagined Poludnitsa as a young and beautiful girl or woman dressed in white (sometimes red) and shiny clothes. The Russians and Czechs believed that she had white hair, while the Poles thought that Poludnitsa wore a white headscarf and a golden belt with a shiny dagger.

On the other hand, she was often portrayed as a horrifying ugly woman with a long scruffy hair. She was seen as old, crooked, black (or black-faced) and with iron teeth. Poles, Lusatians and Russians also believed that she was unusually tall.

Poludnitsa was portrayed with a huge frying pan, scythe or sickle with which she beheaded people. In some Polish stories, she was accompanied by seven black dogs. Western Slavs believed that Poludnitsa could sing. They also often described her having some zoomorphic features. Czechs believed that Poludnitsa had cow’s eyes and horse legs, and that she appeared in a whirlwind. Poles thought that she had pig bristles above her upper lip. Some even believed that Poludnitsa was invisible.

Which image of Poludnitsa is more appealing to you?

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Artist: Anita Miakisheva https://anitamyakisheva.artstation.com