Morena and Karachun

Here is an excerpt from the upcoming new book: “…And when the snow cover comes – it is time to welcome Morena. Meet her with food and drink – and ask her to bring more snow, so that the winter crops would not freeze. It is also time to feed Frost with porridge – asking Him not to be too fierce. But if He wants to bite then for a good cause: by pinching people’s noses He reminds them that they are alive.

And although the solar year is rolling to its end – while the human race is alive, the Sun will not die in the pitch night. Dazhbog’s grandchildren-Slavs are ready to fight with anyone, if only, bypassing the longest nights, a new Sun was born, a new kolohod (year) began. The year ends with Karachun day, and begins with Kolyada…”

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Mokosh – the great Spinner

Here is an excerpt from the upcoming new book: “This time of the year Slavs honor Mokosh (Makosh) – the great Spinner. When the flax is all gathered, soaked, rumpled, combed out, and ready for spinning… And there the young girls will sit down at the spinning wheels to be supervised by their grandmother-babushkas… The time has come for spinning songs and divination on a thread: what year is coming – are there many knots-difficulties on the thread? Young people will be training their hand, trying to straighten the thread, to spin their good fate…”

Grandfather’s day (Dziady)

Here is an excerpt from the upcoming new book: “Nature is preparing for winter sleep. Leshy goes into hibernation until the next spring snowmelt. Human festivities also subside. People are thinking about the finiteness of life, about an icy dream… This is the time when ancestors-grandfathers are remembered on a special day – Grandfather’s (Dedova) or Grandmother’s (Babkina) Saturday. All Slavs are sending off their spirits to Wyryi until next spring…”


The beginning of a new kolo (old Slavonic word for “circle”) is Kolyada, the celebration of the newborn sun, the beginning of the new solar circle for all those who survived the longest night of the year. The whole world has completed one round and has entered another. The most severe colds are yet to come, but the day has already begun to increase! The sun is alive, it will not die, winter and night have not frozen it!

The Slavs rejoice at the newborn sun, dress up for celebration, walk around the houses with a self-made sun on a stick – they carry blessings to every house.