New character from a large Slavic center of trade

This character arrived into our story from a large Slavic center of trade – a town on a shore of the modern Baltic sea. It was a meeting place for seafarers, pirates, fishermen, merchants and craftspeople. Can you guess the name of that town located on the intersection of important trade routes? 😉

We continue to work on the first story from the animated fantasy comic book series about the life, customs and beliefs of the Slavic tribes in the early Middle Ages.

Slavic warrior

More characters for our graphic novel

Today we are introducing another character from a series of stories about life of Slavic people in the Early Medieval times. His tribe lived in the interfluve of Warta and Noteć rivers. Any ideas how it was called? 😉 Hint: this tribe became a foundation of a later Polish nation and gave it its name.

Polanian warrior