New comics episode is going to be released soon!

New comics episode is going to be released soon! Don’t want to miss the premiere?! Send us email to slava@slovene.online with a word “SLOVJANE” in the subject field and do not forget to tell us what COUNTRY are you from. We will include you in the distribution list and send you an exclusive gift – e-wallpaper “LESHY” for your PC, tablet and phone!


Introducing our new logo “SILA KORNEJ” (“MIGHTY ROOTS”)! We think it better represents the connection between the past and the future, which we are creating today. The memories passed through our bloodline and the voice of our ancestors, calling to us from the depths of time, will serve as a guide on the path of preserving our Slavic heritage for future generations.

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Introducing BOAR motion comic book

We are happy to introduce you the “BOAR” – motion comic book about the life, customs and beliefs of the Slavic tribes in the early Middle Ages. This story starts in the Wieprz river valley in the territory of the modern Poland. We have produced the initial comic piece and posted it online. Currently, it is available in English and Russian languages (see the menu on the webpage). Please follow the link:


Soon we will be launching a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo.com to raise money for financing the completion of the comic – we count on your support!

Stay tuned for the news and we appreciate your support!

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