Morena and Karachun

Here is an excerpt from the upcoming new book: “…And when the snow cover comes – it is time to welcome Morena. Meet her with food and drink – and ask her to bring more snow, so that the winter crops would not freeze. It is also time to feed Frost with porridge – asking Him not to be too fierce. But if He wants to bite then for a good cause: by pinching people’s noses He reminds them that they are alive.

And although the solar year is rolling to its end – while the human race is alive, the Sun will not die in the pitch night. Dazhbog’s grandchildren-Slavs are ready to fight with anyone, if only, bypassing the longest nights, a new Sun was born, a new kolohod (year) began. The year ends with Karachun day, and begins with Kolyada…”

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