Slavic tribes – Polanians (western). Part I.

POLANIE (Polanians) – myth or fact?

I was planning to make a post about this tribe for a very long time, and on a top, the collection of the material was going slowly. Below it will become clear why this was not easy…

We continue a string of posts about various Slavic tribes, which are mentioned in our animated fantasy comic book series about the customs and beliefs of the ancient Slavic people.

It is traditionally believed that the Polanians (Polanie) were a West Slavic Lechitic tribe, which formed the foundation of the later Polish nation and gave them their name. Their main center was the modern Gniezno city (the earliest settlements there are dated back to the 8th century). Later, the Polanians managed to overpower neighboring lands and unite many Slavic tribes under their rule.

I wanted to learn more about the material culture and history of this tribe and began the search for sources of information. It turned out, that not much attention was paid to this topic in the Russian scientific circles: for example, sometimes this tribe is simply mentioned, although some of the neighboring tribes are covered in much more detail. Therefore, I decided to turn to the help of the Polish scientists, who have studied this issue much more thoroughly. And this is when I started to make some unexpected discoveries.

To be continued…

Polanians tribe