Arrow release methods used by ancient Slavs

What methods of releasing the arrow from the bow were used by ancient Slavs? What do you think?

In 1887, the work of the Russian researcher D. Anuchin was published, who, with reference to the previously published book by the American researcher E. Morse, conducted an analysis of ancient Russian sources. The picture shows some of the arrow release methods described in the book published in the United States, which were used by Anuchin. In addition, he studied images in manuscripts, on frescoes, even the famous Scythian gold plaque with two archers, but it was difficult to come to definite conclusion, since even sources sometimes contradicted each other.

Most likely, there were different ways of arrow release in use, because in addition to the composite bows with great tension, which we wrote about earlier, some Western Slavs also had simple solid-wood bows made from ash-tree branches (Niederle wrote about this in his famous work “Slovanské starožitnosti”). Probably, most frequent methods were the so-called “Mongolian” (bottom left) and “Mediterranean” (bottom right), as well as a method of pulling the bowstring with the middle, ring and little fingers, in which the index finger and the thumb supported the arrow.

Russian and Czech language sources are not quoted. English language source: Morse Edward S. Ancient and Modern Methods of Arrow Release, 1885

Arrow release methods