The “Maurice’s Strategikon” – Part 2

While reading the “Maurice’s Strategikon”, one experiences conflicting feelings: from pride in our ancestors to bewilderment – how far have we gone in our consciousness development from the ancient Slavs in some areas. What do you think?

“When a difference of opinion prevails among them, either they come to no agreement at all or when some of them do come to an agreement, the others quickly go against what was decided. They are always at odds with each other, and nobody is willing to yield to another.”

“Since there are many kings among them always at odds with one another, it is not difficult to win over some of them by persuasion or by gifts, especially those in areas closer to the border, and then to attack the others, so that their common hostility will not make them united or bring them together under one ruler.”

This resembles the phrase “Divide et impera” (“Divide and rule”) – a principle that was very effectively applied first by the Roman and then by the Byzantine empires…

To be continued…

Стратегикон Маврикия