Perun’s Day is a Slavic warriors holiday

Perun’s Day is a Slavic warriors holiday celebrated on the 20th of July. After praising Perun, the warriors begin to sanctify their weapons: swords, axes, knives and other weapons are placed on the shields at the shrine. Warriors’ amulets are sanctified over the sacrificial fire.

Eight days prior, lots are drawn (“cherty”, to determine the sacrifice, and “rezy”, to determine its quantity). A bull, a rooster, money or food can be chosen as a sacrifice. The lot can also be drawn for warriors to engage in a duel. The fighters agree among themselves on the choice of weapons or wrestling.

Then a ritual battle begins, dedicated to the victory of Perun over Veles (Perun defeats Veles and returns the herd of heavenly cows). At the end of the battle, the warriors carry a boat with gifts and put it on “krada” (ritual fire).

On this day, ceremonial initiations into warriors are held, as well as a rite at which all fallen Slavic warriors are commemorated. Ritual food: beef, game meat, chicken, porridge. Drinks: honey, red wine, beer, kvass.

Based on materials from the book by V. S. Kazakov “The World of Slavic Gods”, 7th edition.
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